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Our solutions for

filling & cushioning

eco-friendly with paper

manual filling system

The smallest and simplest member of our X-Fill family is ideal for use at narrow packing stations, with a small to moderate shipping volume or frequently changing operators.

automatic filling systems

The all-rounders among the filling systems are especially intended for use with medium to high shipping volumes. Thanks to various frame variants, they can be individually integrated at each packing station.

high performance filling system

Thanks to the voluminous paper strand combined with maximum speed, the powerful system is designed to fill large voids.

manual upholstery system

This system ensures visually appealing packaging that provides ecological protection of the products. Easy to use!

automatic upholstery system

The efficient cushioning system is particularly suitable for central pre-production of the paper cushions. Due to the extremely compact design, it can also be perfectly integrated at any packing station.

Our solutions for

air pillow systems

Air pillow systems

The powerful systems are available for small to medium, as well as medium to large requirements. Both variants are characterized by their performance, speed and user-friendliness.


It is important to us to bring our wide range of packaging applications into line with our responsibility towards the environment, our employees and society.

That is why we develop, produce and distribute high-quality solutions that are as resource-efficient as possible.

We continuously try to increase the proportion of recycled materials and to reduce the proportion of the material used overall, through highly efficient material use.

We offer consumables consisting of 100% recycled paper for sustainable and cost-effective applications as well as 100% recyclable, fresh-fibre-containing papers for higher technical requirements.

We are currently working on ensuring that in the course of 2021, all of our papers will come from European, certified manufacturing facilities.

The targeted use of ultra-thin films saves material and thus saves the best possible resources.

In the course of 2021, we will also introduce recycling film grades in order to meet our goal of the best possible environmental and resource protection.

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