About us

NUEVOPAK GmbH was founded in 2019 as a European subsidiary of Nuevopak Global Ltd., Hong Kong and is responsible for the distribution of Nuevopak products in Europe.

Our parent company NUEVOPAK Ltd. has been successfully developing and producing packaging systems for around 15 years, mainly in the field of paper-based filling and upholstery systems.

With the Octopack brand, we also have a strong brand in the segment of air pillow systems and are therefore a full-service supplier in the field of packaging systems.

We believe that different and constantly changing markets, customer requirements and applications also require different solutions.
We want to offer the optimal solution for every customer without limiting ourselves to a specific raw material.

That’s why we have a wide range of consumables and different systems, which we are constantly expanding with customer-oriented solutions.

Through our existing sales networks, which in addition to Europe also include the USA, Asia and Australia, we benefit from our knowledge about global markets and current trends. We continuously use the gained information and requirements for our product developments and product innovations.

NUEVOPAK therefore combines the advantages of a local supplier with contacts and capacities on site, with those of a globally networked player with production sites in Asia and worldwide sales offices.


It is important to us to bring our wide range of packaging applications into line with our responsibility towards the environment, our employees and society.

That is why we develop, produce and distribute high-quality solutions that are as resource-efficient as possible.

We continuously try to increase the proportion of recycled materials and to reduce the proportion of the material used overall, through highly efficient material use.

We offer consumables consisting of 100% recycled paper for sustainable and cost-effective applications as well as 100% recyclable, fresh-fibre-containing papers for higher technical requirements.

We are currently working on ensuring that in the course of 2021, all of our papers will come from European, certified manufacturing facilities.

The targeted use of ultra-thin films saves material and thus saves the best possible resources.

In the course of 2021, we will also introduce recycling film grades in order to meet our goal of the best possible environmental and resource protection.